Annoying calls

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Having written previously to The Scotsman about nuisance calls, I was interested to read the letter (7 May) from Ian Arnot of BT. After the responses to my letter and calls at 2:30am I decided to purchase a call blocker.

In fact, I purchased the BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker with answering machine. I have not had a single nuisance call since the day I got it.

It even blocked a call as I was entering my contacts into it. It is the best money I have spent and I can now sleep without the early morning calls to tell me nothing. Thank you, BT!

Barbara Wilson


Ian Arnot, of BT Scotland, tells us that “BT takes the issue of nuisance calls very seriously”, and then tells us of BT devices which can reduce nuisance calls.

Unfortunately, he rather downplays the fact that you have to pay for these devices.

That is to say, you have to pay to stop being plagued by callers out of whom BT and the other companies make lots of money.

Paul Brownsey

Larchfield Road