Alternative fuel

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Surely the response to Emilia Hanna’s concern, “Motoring has a breathtaking impact on our health” (Friends of The Scotsman, 5 February), is for more people to resort to non-petroleum means of power, such as greater use of 
hybrid propulsion, liquefied petroleum gas, electric, etc.

Some of this alternative vehicle propulsion is more widely available, and more robustly promoted, in several countries including some not in the same “developed” league as Britain. Brazil is notable in its use of non-petroleum road vehicles, and Turkey and Algeria are among other developers in green alternative propulsion.

It is pleasing to see sited on the Lido car park in Peterhead a single unit gas “station” where users of alternative fuel vehicles can fill up. This is beside a bus shelter where many older people catch buses to, for example, Aberdeen, after parking in the car park.

It would be pleasing to see such a facility replicated in bigger urban centres, such as Aberdeen, where thus far I have yet to see anything similar to that in Peterhead.

It would also be pleasing to see alternative power vehicles at more affordable prices.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive