All Tories now

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Since the Labour Party stuck up for the Union, a stance backed by both Tories and Lib Dems, the SNP has taunted its members as being “Red Tories”.

The SNP, of course, has long earned the sobriquet of “The Tartan Tories” and the old men of the Left will never let them forget it.

With Lib Dem voters in 
Scotland disappearing like 
water off a duck’s back, and the Greens not breaking through, I think that means we don’t need to run a general election north of the Border – we are all Tories now.

The serious side of the argument is that apart from independence, which isn’t at question in May, the policies of all of the parties are variations on the same basic theme.

Although all politicians put at the heart of their pitch the need to bridge the gap between rich and poor, and to prioritise the relief of the hungry, the homeless, and the poor (whose votes are critical) they all support and subscribe to the very system which creates the poor, and keeps them poor in the first place.

Any politician who promises fundamental reform without proposing to tear down pillars of the state is deluding you.

A politician seeking a vote is playing the shell game with you – now you see it; now you don’t.

I wish that I was to live long enough to see the voters organise, finally walk away from the politicians, and build a country fair for all.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road