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Perhaps your readers can explain for me some of the small mysteries that exist in our modern life. Here is a selection.

Why can’t TV announcers correctly pronounce the word “holy” when it is combined with the word “rood”?

Why can’t we convert some of the thousands of miles of largely unused roadside pavements which exist outside towns into cycle tracks, and improve the safety of cyclists, and speed up motorised traffic, and end the continual sniping between these groups?

Why do lawyers and judges wear ridiculous pantomime costumes in court? Does this reflect their reluctance to embrace modern technology that could greatly improve the efficiency of the legal system?

Why can’t the utility companies and others who dig up our roads be made to put underground pipes across so that they would have the means to install future connections without having to disrupt traffic or damage the road surface? Someone told me they have the legal right to do so. Well, change the law. Why can’t major road repairs be carried out 24 hours a day as this would cut the disruption by two thirds, and maximise the use of expensive capital equipment?

I am sure there other suggesions your readers can add to the list, but I am also sure that the hardest part will be to alter the “We’ve aye done it this way” attitude of those with the power to implement change.

Bill McKenzie

Rullion Road