Alexander has taken Preston’s name in vain

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DON’T be fooled by the “moral choice” argument floated by Douglas Alexander, “We do not walk away from the poor because they happen to be poor in Preston rather than Paisley” (Insight, 8 December).

The last thing the people of Preston need is for the Scots to masochistically vote for the Union in Mr Alexander’s misconception that today’s Labour party is the bastion of “Struggle, solidarity and social justice”, which will protect us all from the Tories. Look beyond Mr Alexander’s fine polemics and practised rhetoric to his and the Labour party’s record in government; there is simply no foundation for such optimism. There is no sign of a vision of even a Harold Wilson or a John Smith, let alone a Keir Hardie or Nelson Mandela, to whom he refers.

My message from Preston is, reject the carefully crafted words of Mr Alexander. The only “positive vote” for people living in Scotland is to vote for independence. Set an example to us in Preston and the north of England that independence from Westminster and the cliques who continue to legislate there in their own self-perpetuating interest can be a reality. Give us a beacon for truly modernising the failed political economic and social systems which have stagnated over the Thatcher, Blair, Brown and Coalition decades.

It is time to reject Yesterday’s Men.

Glenn Stephen, Preston