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As Scotland moves into line with the rest of Europe’s drink-drive policies, up pops the ­Scottish Football Association (SFA) and the revelation that they are discussing the possible reintroduction of alcohol at football grounds.

SFA chief Stewart Regan admits to having had discussions with Police Scotland regarding the issue.

Perhaps a better route would be to discuss it with ­battered wives’ groups, understaffed ­accident and emergency ­departments and the police ­traffic units who attend the ­carnage caused by our obsession with ­alcohol in this country.

David Cruickshanks

Weavers Crescent


Scotland’s politicians tell us that the new drink-drive limit brings us into line with most countries in Europe. It doesn’t, of course, as not all of those countries impose a statutory 12-month ban on drivers found to be just over the limit.

For many drivers, the new limit means they will no longer be able to visit a pub for the one responsible pint they previously enjoyed – something regarded as acceptable by the authorities and society until now, suddenly, it isn’t.

This will harm pubs and reduce the quality of life of those in rural areas where people need to drive to reach their “local”.

What a shame. Cheers, MSPs.

Gary Black

Bellfield Street


I, for one, am delighted with the new drink-driving laws.

Even though it is generally considered to be socially unacceptable to drink and drive in the UK these days, I have encountered several people living out in the country who seem to think the laws don’t apply to them.

A few months ago we were staying in a B&B in the Highlands, and asked the manager for advice on where to dine nearby.

He suggested a pub about 20 minutes’ drive away, cheerfully saying that it was an easy route to drive if you’d “had a few”.

My wife and I laughed politely because we thought he was joking, but he wasn’t. He said people in that area do that all the time, otherwise they’d have a very limited social life.

When we realised he was being serious and voiced our concerns, he acted as if we were being po-faced fun-stoppers.

It was very uncomfortable.

I do wonder if traffic police are now going to be more vigilant than they were before, or if people are just going to stay indoors more.

Whatever happens, Scots are unlikely to cut down on 
their drinking. It’s just not in our nature.

Martin Michael

Roseneath Street