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Regrettably, Mr Crawford Mackie (Letters, 18 October) has his facts wrong regarding BBC Alba.

Firstly, MG Alba is fully transparent in terms of its funding sources and activities, and our website is available in full in both English and Gaelic.

Secondly, to suggest that BBC Alba, which is a partnership between the BBC and MG Alba, is somehow “a con” is basically a criticism of the viewing habits of the Scottish public.

BBC Alba is a TV channel. It 
offers audiences what they want to watch and what they cannot get elsewhere. That is what TV is about. BBC Alba enjoys very healthy viewing figures, and viewers tune in to a wide variety of programmes, including very popular documentaries and music shows.

Although it is a Gaelic channel, its remit is to appeal to both Gaelic and non-Gaelic audiences and that is what it does.

We know that rugby is very popular with our viewers but Mr Mackie’s frustration at the lack of English commentary is nothing to do with the excellent range of programmes that BBC Alba offers.

Donald Campbell

MG Alba

Stornoway, Isle of Lewis