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Donald Trump is right: the No vote was undoubtedly assisted by the fact that the SNP and its leader have, while claiming to love Scotland, wrecked many of its finest views and landscapes with huge and ugly wind turbines. Their reason for so doing was seen to be blatant self-interest, rather than any desire to ameliorate climate change.

William Crawford



I just wanted to express a counterpoint to the oft-expressed distaste for wind farms in our countryside. I and many others enjoy the sprawling majesty of the fields of turbines which have been erected across the country.

The sight of their elegant yet utilitarian shape across the land fills me with awe and I find their monumentality to be a good complement to the natural beauty of the countryside.

As well as this, electricity is quite useful so it’s handy that they produce that. I understand that haters are going to hate, but I wanted to express my fondness for wind turbines. More please!

Craig Dickson