Agony of the NHS

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IN THE light of the fast-­approaching demise of the NHS, why hasn’t the Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition admitted where it has spent, or plans to spend, the £500 million remaining in Treasury coffers, which I understand was clawed back from last year’s NHS budget for England? Apparently, from the original £900m, the coalition allowed £400m to be “rolled over” into the budget for this year. However, there seems to be a mystery concerning the remainder, and my MP for one hasn’t answered my question about it.

Scots seem generally unperturbed by the coalition’s ideological wrecking of the NHS because the service is devolved in Scotland; but ramifications of decisions made in Westminster are bound to be detrimental to our most precious service throughout the UK.

We should be incandescent and shouting from the rooftops.

Patricia M Farrington