Act of courage

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Slipped into my newspaper on Saturday, I found a leaflet from the Ghurka Welfare Trust asking for private donations to pay off our public moral debt to the many Ghurka soldiers who served in the British Army. Why doesn’t the government just deal with this?

It reminded me of the “emperor’s new clothes” wherein a wily tailor sells a suit that no-one can see – because it doesn’t exist. Trident submarines sliding in and out of the Clyde have been our emperor’s new clothes for years, because there is no conceivable circumstance in which the UK will use its independent nuclear deterrent – not that it’s “independent” anyway as we need US authority and codes to arm it.

We need a government with the intelligence to state the obvious – like the boy in the Hans Christian Anderson story who told the emperor that he was naked. We need a government brave enough to ditch Trident – and its replacement (which would half the national debt at a stroke) … and have the moral courage to pay our debt of honour to the Ghurkas. But I won’t hold my breath waiting.

David Fiddimore

Nether Craigwell, 
Calton Road, Edinburgh