Abortion rant ignores full facts

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FEW women approach abortion with the nonchalance Gerald Warner apparently believes in his hysterical article about a “global holocaust driven by women’s rights” (Strictly Speaking, 19 May). In fact, most terminations are natural miscarriages with the women not even aware they were pregnant.

His own extravagant “hypocrisy and euphemism” prevents him discussing a girl being ravaged and the nightmare of her being forced to carry her attacker’s baby. Or what should be done if it is known the baby will be severely malformed or if a pre-teen girl who barely understood what she was doing must be “punished” for her mistake.

It will be galling for such a “social conservative” as Gerald­ but many of us really do ­believe that women have a moral right to decide what to do with their bodies.

John Cameron, via email