A cry for help

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The reason we had a referendum was voter apathy. About half of those eligible to vote at the 2011 elections in Aberdeenshire did not bother. Therefore, Alex Salmond was elected by about 25 per cent of the electorate, meaning 75 per cent did not vote for him.

The SNP has activists throughout Scotland and it made the most of voter apathy; Alex Salmond, like other politicians, is an opportunist.

However, when the people realised what could happen at the referendum, they came to their senses and made sure they did vote.

In Aberdeenshire, it was about two to one against Yes. The votes in Dundee and Glasgow were a cry for help. Those areas want change and they were willing to gamble on independence.

They did not know but they hoped things would be better and reckoned things would not be worse.

The referendum has certainly motivated the voters and panicked the politicians, but do we need massive change?

Alan McLean

Old Farm Court


East Lothian