A cross to bear…

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Now that the new Queensferry Crossing is progressing apace, I trust those appointed to manage it can do a far better job than those tasked with managing the existing Forth Road Bridge.

The delays incurred on Sunday past due to the closure of both northbound lanes were totally unacceptable and unnecessary: and these on the main arterial route north in the east of Scotland.

What passed for traffic management on the south carriageways going north seemed to amount to one blue and white direction arrow sign, a yellow and black lane restriction sign and a line of cones stretching from the bridge itself back to the first flyover.

Surely it is obvious that normally, going northbound, where you have four lanes filtering into two and another joining at the bridge, it will get congested. However, when it is then squeezed into a single file contraflow, additional traffic management must be necessary.

Where was the traffic management at the point where the Edinburgh traffic meets the M9 link traffic? It may be that the bridge company’s obligations end at the first flyover, so where then were Transport Scotland in all of this.

The motoring public of Scotland and visiting motorists deserve a lot better.


Keith Place

Inverkeithing, Fife