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Letters: Not just Windrush generation who fall foul of UK authorities

As the daughter of Eastern European refugees, Scotsman reader Marina Donald says it’s not just migrants from the Commonwealth who feel their citizen status is “inferior” to those that are British-born.

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Hibernian have been angered by the split, as have many other football fans

Letters: SPFL supporters are treated disgracefully

One reader has vented his anger at the split and the cost to supporters and clubs.

WHY'S winning design. Picture: Jon Savage

Letters: Edinburgh can’t afford another trams-style fiasco

THERE is a huge question mark over the future of West Princes Street Gardens.

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GAME CHANGER: MSPs have voted in favour of scrapping the act

Letter: Scrapping bad behaviour act is bad for the game

ONE reader has their say on the move by MSPs to push forward with plans to scrap the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.

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Derek Mackay delivers his Scottish budget. Picture: PA

Letter: tax concession to lower paid is "patronising and derisory"

What exactly is the point of having a ‘starter’ tax band of 19% to cover income earned between £11,850 and £13,850?

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The head of George Heriot's school (pictured) has responded to comments made by Lord George Foulkes. Picture: Creative Commons

George Heriot’s head teacher: Foulkes is wrong, our school helps needy

The head of George Heriot’s - a private school in Edinburgh - responds to calls from former Labour MP George Foulkes for the school to be stripped of its charitable status.

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Russell Brand's new book, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions is out now.   Bryan Derballa/The New York Times

Interview: Russell Brand

Keeping up with Russell Brand isn’t easy. He’s on the move as we speak, in the middle of publicising his new book, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions, and at the start of a new 71-date stand-up tour, Re:Birth, that comes to Scotland next year. But he’s on the move literally too, in a car crossing London, before heading home to his wife, Laura Gallacher and one-year-old daughter Mabel in Henley-on-Thames and we’ve been talking about his friend Amy Winehouse.

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Letters: Catalonia fallout will last a long time

No matter where you stand on the Catalonian independence issue, it was hard to stomach the scenes of police brutality taking place in Barcelona on Sunday. I applaud The Scotsman for their editorial ­condemning the shameful acts of violence which we witnessed with growing anger and dismay.

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Picture: AP

Letter: what links Rule Britannia and Scotland’s slave trade involvement?

Scotland’s involvement in the slave trade and non-involvement in the traditional finale to the BBC Proms season have received much attention recently. I wonder how many people are aware of the link?

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A rally showing support for Catalonia outside the Spanish consulate

Letters: Independence vote is universal human right

One reader has got in touch to discuss the upcoming independence debate in Catalonia. Do you agree?

Picture: John Devlin

Letters: All wind and solar and not enough gas, nuclear and coal will mean energy crisis

I note a plea from Keith Anderson, chief executive of Scottish Power (The Scotsman, 25 September) that the government and regulators should back the development of the wind industry in Scotland in order to keep up with an anticipated increase in demand.

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Fears have been raised over a teaching crisis. Picture TSPL

Letters: Standing up for beliefs can be dangerous in 2017 Scotland

Stifling the freedom of speech of teachers in areas of valid debate is sinister, writes a Scotsman reader.

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First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones during a meeting to discuss Brexit. Picture: PA

Letters: SNP’s disappearing Brexit powers aren’t what they seem

The SNP’s claims of disappearing Scottish powers after Brexit are not what they seem, writes a Scotsman reader.

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Picture:   Lisa Ferguson

Letter: Parents’ atitudes stopping Scottish education becoming world class

Iain Gray (Perspective, 16 September) is right that the changes to schooling proposed by John Swinney will not solve the problems defined. They are an obsolete “top-down” approach, similar to that taken with policing.

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Letters: Catalan vote could be huge for Scotland

It was immensely welcome to witness the statement from the Scottish Government, reinforcing the right of the Catalan people to determine their own future.

The Royal High School building which could become an independent music school.

In full: Open letter to Lord Provost concerning Royal High

An open letter from some of the leading voices in the Capital’s entertainment and heritage scene has been sent to the Lord Provost. You read the entire letter below.

Picture: HeMedia

Letter: Named Person Scheme belongs in the dustbin of history

The proud Scottish Government will be the last to concede defeat in any plan they propose – even their most bizarre and ridiculous – so let us do it for them.

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The SNP is a well-drilled political machine, where party unity is taken for granted, writes Euan. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Euan McColm: How SNP’s strict discipline is stifling debate

A party that refuses internal discussion of significant issues should not be surprised to find itself lacking solutions writes Euan McColm.

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