Why the Left clings to its hatred of Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher visiting Edinburgh in 1992. Picture: TSPL
Margaret Thatcher visiting Edinburgh in 1992. Picture: TSPL
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MANY people were puzzled by the intensity of the “celebrations” in Danderhall Miners’ Welfare and Social Club and elsewhere in the country following the death of the former Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Communism was a major factor in Britain throughout Mrs Thatcher’s life, but many Britons have a terrible conscience about communism and, interestingly, it has been the huge elephant in the room in almost all that has been written and spoken in this country about her life.

Of course, communists controlled most of the trades union movement in the decades after the Second World War – simply because its supporters sought office when most other people avoided it.

But communism differed from other political creeds in that its well-tried and successful method of taking power in a country was to stir up strife, which would lead to violent revolution and the mass killing of all who did not appear to support the leaders’ aims, or those that the leaders just did not like.

They were the “enemy within” that Margaret Thatcher wass so hysterically condemned by supporters of communism for talking about.

Under the aegis of communism, many millions more people were slaughtered than the supporters of evil fascism ever carried out, but it was still backed by the left wing of the British Labour Party as the members waved their red Soviet Union, hammer and sickle flags and bellowed about “keep the red flag flying here” at party conferences until a few short years ago.

That Thatcherism not only halted that bloodthirsty creed here in Britain, but rolled it back right across Europe is a hugely important historical event that many Britons are only just beginning to recognise.

Those dinosaurs of the Left, who so puzzle many people – including correspondents to these Letter pages – almost achieved their bloodthirsty revolution 40 or so years ago here in Britain, and “that woman” thwarted them.

No wonder the ancients of the far Left hate Baroness Thatcher’s guts all the way from Danderhall to Westminster.