Where next for Scotland after #indyref?

Picture: John Devlin
Picture: John Devlin
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THE day after the Scottish independence referendum, I wrote that Scotland had much to be proud of.

The result disappointed many, but we had a mature, reasonable debate about the future of the country. It was vigorous and at times heated, but for such a lengthy debate about such an important subject, all the more impressive for it.

So the question on September 19 was then: what next for Scotland, if not independence?

On 2 December, The Scotsman will deliver the first conference after the Smith Commission publishes its proposals, and consider that very subject.

I will be speaking on the topic ‘Scotland’s future economy and society: getting the balance right’.

It’s a shame that an unusual feature of the title of my presentation is that the words ‘economy’ and ‘society’ are linked. It would be nice to think that indeed they are inextricably linked – that a healthy economy translates into a healthier/better society. It should be that way but it isn’t always the case.

Why is that?

In my presentation, I will give some personal perspectives on why the link should be there and why it frequently isn’t.

Do we use the right criteria to measure the wellbeing of the economy, or of society?

The thing is, whatever you measure, it’s how people feel that matters.

I hope to see you on the day.

• Ian Steele, Senior Partner for Scotland & Northern Ireland, Deloitte