They deserve respect

I AM very disappointed that the inevitable demolition of Tinsley Cooling Towers are to go ahead in the near future. If they have to be demolished on safety grounds; I have a suggestion to make.

The remains of the Cooling Towers could be sold off for a reasonable fee to those who would like a souvenir of these beautiful structures; and this money raised could be used by EoN to help fund the art project dedicated to energy.

Also, by selling the remains of the Tinsley Cooling Towers it would prevent enterprising souls from selling it on a well known internet auction site for a extortionate fee. These poor towers were treated badly in life this should not be extended to their passing as well.

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Helen Murray, Sheffield 5

I GREW up in Tinsley in the 20s and 30s and can still remember two huge chimneys being built.

Way back then, before the advent of the huge tower cranes that we see on every skyline, these were built with wooden scaffold poles, set in barrels of rubble, with cross poles lashed together with rope and all on the inside of the structure.

Concrete and tools were lifted up buy men pulling ropes via a pulley.

Once the power station was in use, I walked down Wharf Lane and over Halfpenny Bridge, only to discover that the cooling towers were on stilts with a pond of water underneath. This water was the condensed steam formed within the towers and re-used in the boilers.

The skill of those men who built them by hand still amazes me.

George Turner (aged 90) Chatfield Road ,Woodseats