The Scotsman cartoon: Conservative devolution plan

Illustration: Iain Green
Illustration: Iain Green
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All of the major UK political parties have now presented their devolution proposals following the publication of the Conservative Strathclyde Commission on the Future Governance of Scotland.

The Conservatives want to give Holyrood full control over income tax, the commission said, an advance on Labour’s proposal to devolve three-quarters of the basic rate and closer to the Liberal Democrats’ proposal to devolve almost all income tax powers.

Scottish National Party deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon urged Scots to shun the “desperate bidding war from the unionist parties” and vote Yes.

Of the Conservative Party’s proposal Ms Sturgeon said: “This is the party that opposed devolution tooth and nail. They broke promises for more powers in the past, and Ruth Davidson was elected leader saying she had drawn ‘a line in the sand’ against more powers.

“Now they want us to believe they have had a sudden conversion to Scotland’s cause.”