Talk of the Town: Snoop Dogg needs to follow the signs

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With the Open Championship at Muirfield the Capital is getting an early taste of the celebrity appearances that usually come with the Fringe.

Among the high-profile arrivals has been one Snoop Dogg, who has allegedly pitched up at the Radisson Hotel. While the Dogg was sensible enough to ask for direction to Muirfield however, the police are concerned about strangers getting lost – and advised spectators to follow the signs rather than their sat-nav.

Fun in the sun has to come with guarantee

We might be enjoying the hottest weather for more than three years, but it seems the return of the sun has not tempted city residents into a stay-cation, with a new survey by Post office Travel Essentials suggesting there will be a mass exodus of holidaymakers heading for “more reliable sunshine” next month. And the survey found that most residents rated Edinburgh’s weather as amongst the worst in the world.

No pressure, Tian Tian

As staff at Edinburgh Zoo await news of whether female Giant Panda Tian Tian is pregnant, they will take heart from the news in Atlanta, where Lun Lun gave birth to an extremely rare set of twins. Surely now it must be triplets for the Capital?

Big Don is watching

As the capital city, Edinburgh is festooned with CCTV cameras – but if you think you can’t move without Big Brother spying on you spare a thought for those in Fife or Aberdeen. Aberdeen City Council has been criticised for running 942 CCTV cameras – 710 more than Edinburgh – while Fife Council had the highest number of cameras per local authority with a total of 1420.