Talk of the Town: Mice out to play in corridors of power

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IT is the Capital’s most protected building, with bombproof glass, security checks and its very own falcon to keep away pesky seagulls.

None of this has been enough to keep mice out of the Scottish Parliament, though, with Kezia Dugdale MSP admitting that she “tried to scream the house down” when she saw a mouse. Bosses are taking “preventative measures” – TOTT expects to see a Holyrood cat added to the parliament payroll imminently.

Did anyone order the grilled pheasant?

THE football celebration that just won’t quit has made it all the way to the BBC One show The Voice, after veteran rocker and Hearts fan Colin Chisholm convinced presenter Holly Willoughby to make the famous “5-1” gesture – by telling her he was celebrating 51 years in the music industry.

High five for Holly

GIVING new meaning to the phrase “getting all up in your grill” was a lucky/unlucky pheasant who was struck by a car in Morningside.

The driver was unable to pull over at the time and assumed the poor bird would have met it’s end, so was relieved, if rather surprised, to find it alive and well inside the front grille five hours later.

The pheasant was checked over by the Scottish SPCA and released back into the wild uninjured.

Welsh out of picture

FANS of Irvine Welsh will be eagerly awaiting any news of the film version of Filth due to hit the big screen later this year. And the author has revealed one small snippet – he won’t be in the picture. Despite filming a cameo scene as a reporter, Welsh admitted he hadn’t made the cut.