Talk of the Town: Jack just keeps drawing plaudits

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IT was another huge victory for the Lothians’ most versatile artist recently, as youngster Jack Henderson scooped the Social Media Campaign of the Year award for his brilliant Jack Draws Anything fundraising website.

The Prestonpans schoolboy, who has raised more than £32,000 for the Sick Kids Hospital, beat competition from Jennifer Aniston, a campaign to re-unite Ken and Barbie and even a high-profile campaign by the Muppets.

Sadly though Jack wasn’t able to enjoy the glory and pick up his prize in person from .net magazine, as the awards were held in a Soho nightclub – on a schoolnight.

Dad Ed instead took a victory video of Jack along to the event, then admitted his son didn’t even find out until the next day.

“It was too late to tell him that night he’d won, but I called him in the morning and he was cheering down the phone.”

Countdown clock is causing confusion

THE Capital is buzzing with news of an imminent arrival from China, and with Panda-monium reaching fever pitch the zoo is doing its best to calm expectations.

It has explained that the animals will not go on display for at least two weeks after arrival, although it has confused the issue somewhat with a giant ticking clock on its website counting down the seconds until Tian Tian and Yang Guang touch down at Edinburgh Airport.

It’s a myster-tree

AN 11-foot Christmas tree is certainly not the easiest target for wood-be-thieves.

But members of Haddington Community Council couldn’t believe their eyes when the festive fir they bought for public display disappeared from outside the town’s Corn Exchange.

The confused councillors promptly called the police but it soon emerged they were barking up the wrong tree. It had in fact been picked up by well-meaning East Lothian Council staff who feared it would be stolen and taken to a local authority depot.

Cut out the cupboard love

AND finally, an appeal to pet owners of the Capital – stop feeding your animals junk food.

Hot on the heels of the news that Edinburgh is home to some seriously obese cats and dogs come the news that pet owners in Scotland are paying an estimated £23.8 million a year on vet bills.

According to the Co-operative Group the biggest problems are caused by “treats” such as chocolate, fat trimmings and left-overs high in salt.