Talk of the Town: It was all fright on the night for Kevin

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Our interview with Kevin McKidd yesterday, where he discussed visiting old haunts on a recent trip to the Capital, prompted Witchery tours co-founder Robin Mitchell to tweet a picture of McKidd . . . on an old haunt.

The picture was taken when McKidd was in his early 20s and working as a “jumper-outer” on one of Edinburgh’s famous ghost tours.

TOTT is sure plenty of readers would now have no problem with the award-winning actor jumping out at them in the dark . . .

Single, driver, for the Fat Cat to the Gyle

NO doubt most people in Edinburgh have a few choice words to describe the trams, but May Macleod from Currie has taken to Facebook in a bid to gather suggestions for naming the individual vehicles once they start running next year.

Some suggestions so far include Prince, Queen, Charlotte and South Broadway. Others reflect popular concerns about the cost of the project, White Elephant and Fat Cat. Ms Macleod’s own suggestion is Pretty Penny.

Faultless judgement?

The return of Wimbledon also means a return to Twitter of possibly the world’s most unlikely tennis commentator in Irvine Welsh, who peppered yesterday’s match with observations such as this gem: “Good call from Murray against the evil imperialist English judges who just hate us.”

I work with a zombie

AS fans of Ian Rankin will know, the author is fond of avoiding the attention of his editor whenever possible – and now Rankin he has revealed why: “Same editor for 20 years and every book gets same comment: ‘let’s get inside the characters’ heads more’. I fear my editor’s a zombie...”