Talk of the Town: Brian’s got the bottle for the big occasion

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HE may have risen to the lofty heights of reality TV stardom by winning Big Brother back in 2001, but lovable Irish presenter and panto star Brian Dowling was keeping it real when spotted in Tesco on Holyrood Road.

Accompanied by a blonde female, the pair were dab hands at the self-service tills. She scanned the goods while he loaded them into a trolley, showing that even in celebrity land the importance of double-bagging hefty bottles of mineral water has not gone unnoticed.

Based on real folk? I Begbie to differ . .

FILM fans eager to see the latest Irvine Welsh adaptation will have to wait until October for the big-screen version of Filth.

And it seems working in Los Angeles may have affected the boy from Leith, who was called up for using Hollywood producer-speak when telling fans about the “sales territories”.

But he’s not forgotten his roots and even shed light on his most famous character, telling followers: “I never base characters on real people. There’s a dozen people in E’burgh who think Begbie is based on them, but all wrong.”

Election’s photo finish

In an election every vote counts, and no-one will understand that as well as Edinburgh-raised Liberal Democrat councillor Mhairi Threlfall, who managed to beat her closest rival in the English local elections by just a single vote – a result which was only called after two recounts.

She’s a trans-Porter

Fans of Gail Porter might have been a bit concerned to see pictures of the Edinburgh celebrity being raced along the Thames on an RNLI lifeboat.

Fortunately she wasn’t being rescued, but was joining the crew to take part in a special fundraising event for London Lifeboat Day.