Talk of the Town: Boogie blames it on bird

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EVERYBODY could do with a bit of luck in their lives – but most prefer its presence to reveal itself through a horseshoe or penny.

So Forth DJ Boogie will be hoping a big helping of fortune is in the post after tweeting: “Today I got pooped on by a seagull.”

We’re happy to

set sail for the ale

AN experiment aims to find out if beer tastes better if stored off land. Legend suggests British brews in the 18th century were undrinkable, but by the time they were shipped to India they had sweetened.

Several brewers have now produced a batch using old recipes, to be held on a yacht on the Forth.

TOTT is happy to carry out a taste test – in the interests of science, of course.

Factoids speak for themselves

FOLLOWING damning revelations over A&E waiting times, it was natural that NHS Lothian spin doctors would try to add some context to the debate.

But when they took to the official health board Twitter account, they could perhaps have chosen their words more wisely as they took inspiration from Steve Wright’s Radio 2 show.

They presented their argument that they see 10,000 emergency patients each month, as many, they said, as were at Tynecastle on Tuesday night, as a “factoid”.

Unfortunate then that they weren’t aware a “factoid” – made famous on the DJ’s afternoon Big Show – is commonly defined as a piece of dodgy information repeated so much, often in the media, that it becomes accepted truth.

Stand detectives deliver

IT was a cloak and dagger affair – but this pair will need the former to hide their faces after stabbing themselves in the back with the latter.

The world’s least covert men were caught out on Twitter by The Stand openly discussing how to sneak a stag party into the comedy club – something the venue frowns upon.

As one amused commentator said: “Well done Stand, you should have been the ones looking for Bin Laden.”