Scottish Cup: ‘Hibs can carve place in club history’

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Tomorrow afternoon, 11 Hibs players will take to the field for a date with destiny.

Every one of them will be acutely aware of their task and the magnitude of their achievement should they emerge victorious 90 minutes later.

They will stand alongside the legends who have worn the green of Hibernian, instantly surpassing the achievements of generations of Easter Road teams.

In the stands, 20,000 sets of nails will be bitten to shreds in the minutes before kick-off, 20,000 hearts will be sung out. Back in Edinburgh, tens of thousands more will be glued to the TV, hoping against hope that, finally, this is the year.

We will be joining them.

The prospect of the cup staying in Edinburgh two years running is mouth-watering, continuing to chip away at the west coast dominance of top-flight football.

Neither Hibs – nor Hearts – fans will need any reminding of last May’s encounter which, despite the score for one half of the city, was a fantastic occasion for Edinburgh.

This is a fresh chance for Hibs to end a 111-year hoodoo and respond in the best possible way to their rivals’ taunts.

Whichever colour you wear, this is good news for Edinburgh and the reputation of Capital teams.

When our teams do well, the city smiles, and a new generation of youngsters is inspired.

Whatever happens tomorrow, this Hibs team have already achieved a remarkable feat. They have responded to the most painful defeat possible by returning to Hampden for the second year in a row.

If they can finish the job against Celtic they won’t just have won the cup, they will have carved out a place in their club’s history and ensured they are revered for decades to come.

Fingers crossed then, everything crossed. It’s time. Make yourselves legends.