People: Rugby stars cut dash at Ruffians birthday bash

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THE first birthday party of upmarket Edinburgh barber shop and male grooming products brand Ruffians was packed with stylish and sexy people, leaving three members of the business desk feeling like the Top Gear team at the launch of a bicycle co-operative.

However, everything else about the event gelled to perfection, as Ruffians’ founder Andrew Cannon had teamed up with ShirtbyHand entrepreneur Robert Hoving to put on a catwalk show of his tailor-made wares. Scotland rugby stars David Denton, Matt Scott and Stuart McInally strutted their stuff with varying degrees of confidence, alongside models from the fairer sex.

Drinks were provided by Caledonian Brewery and Diageo, which also proved a good match in some innovative beer cocktails.

Cool, wise head at work

French Duncan’s head of VAT, Craig Mathieson, is set to relive his epic polar expeditions this spring two talks aimed at inspiring budding business leaders.

Eight years ago, the intrepid accountant endured hunger, injury and temperatures of -60 C to achieve a lifelong dream by skiing 730 miles across the frozen wastes of Antarctica to reach the South Pole. Mathieson finished the epic adventure in 56 days, despite his partner dropping out, suffering from hypothermia and frostbite. As if that weren’t enough, in 2006, Mathieson led an expedition to the geographic North Pole taking an inexperienced 16-year-old Scottish schoolboy as part of his team.

He is giving free talks at the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow in May and June.

He said: “My philosophy is that any goal is achievable; as long as you have the correct attitude. That will be the key message from this talk, which will stress the importance of planning and leadership and hopefully help inspire people to realise their goals, whatever these might be.”

Concept doesn’t fit, like

Entrepreneur Andrew Mellon appears to have fallen out with Aberdeen in a big way. The former chef has not been shy or retiring about promoting his boutique art and craft workshops venture the Style Academy to the world’s press, and was rewarded with more than 30 articles highlighting the Deeside business.

He is understandably disappointed with a take-up rate of just 4.7 per cent for his spring classes, and in a flurry of press releases he announced that he was closing the Style Academy “from the Aberdeen city and shire markets”. But can he really be blaming the city for not engaging with his start-up project?

Apparently he can. He says: “Mellon has turned his back on supporting culture and style in the north east of Scotland; the Style Academy’s Banffshire warehouse has been sold and Mellon plans to take the Style Academy to a more cultured market.”

We eagerly await the fly-on-the-wall documentary he has apparently been making about the short-lived venture.

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