On this day: George Foreman wins world title at 46

On this day in 1994, George Foreman, 46, became the oldest boxer to win a world title, knocking out Michael Moorer in Las Vegas. Picture: Getty
On this day in 1994, George Foreman, 46, became the oldest boxer to win a world title, knocking out Michael Moorer in Las Vegas. Picture: Getty
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Events, birthdays and anniversaries for 6 November

6 November

1429: Henry VI was crowned King of England. Two years later he was also crowned King of France.

1860: Abraham Lincoln was elected 16th US President.

1869: Blackfriars Bridge opened in London.

1917: Passchendaele Ridge was captured by British and Canadian troops.

1924: The first female Conservative minister in Britain was the Duchess of Atholl. She was appointed parliamentary under-secretary to the Board of Education.

1924: Prime minister Stanley Baldwin appointed Winston Churchill as his chancellor of the Exchequer.

1928: Herbert C Hoover became 31st US president. Within a few months, the American economy collapsed, leading to a depression.

1942: Tidal wave killed 10,000 people in Bengal, India.

1942: The Church of England relaxed its ruling that women should wear hats in church.

1956: Work began on the Kariba High Dam between Zambia and Zimbabwe (then called Rhodesia).

1962: United Nations General Assembly called for economic sanctions against South Africa because of its racial policies.

1975: Punk rockers the Sex Pistols played their first gig, at St Martin’s College of Art in London.

1986: Forty-five crew and oil rig workers died when a Chinook helicopter crashed into the sea off Sumburgh Head, Shetland. There were only two survivors. The official report on the accident blamed a failure of the aircraft’s rotor gears.

1988: A computer virus crippled 6,000 US Defence Department systems. It was caused by a 23-year-old graduate whose father was head of the country’s computer security agency.

1991: Nato leaders meeting in Rome formally called a halt to enmity with Soviet Union and its allies and offered them a voice in alliance affairs.

1992: The Princess of Wales condemned “untrue and hurtful” suggestions of friction between her and the Queen.

1994: George Foreman, 46, became the oldest boxer to win a world title when he knocked out Michael Moorer to win the IBF and WBA titles in Las Vegas.

1995: The Conservatives suffered a Commons defeat on sleaze when 23 Tory MPs broke ranks and voted in favour of disclosure of outside earnings.

1999: Australians voted to keep the Head of the Commonwealth as their head of state in the Australian republic referendum.


Griff Rhys Jones, comedian, 60; Ronald Blythe, writer, 91; Suzanne Charlton, weather presenter, 51; Sally Field, actress, 67; Nigel Havers, actor, 62; Ethan Hawke, actor, 43; Nell McAndrew, model, 40; Thandie Newton, actress, 41; Mike Nichols, film director and producer, 82; PJ Proby, singer, 75; Emma Stone, actress, 25; Gareth Williams, rugby player, 59.


Births: 2948 BC Said to be Noah’s birthday; 1638 James Gregory, Aberdeen-born inventor of the reflecting telescope; 1814 Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone; 1861 James Naismith, inventor of basketball; 1892 Sir John Alcock, born aviator; 1926 Frank Carson, comedian.

Deaths: 1612 Prince Henry, Prince of Wales (aged 18); 1796 Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia; 1860 Sir Charles Napier, admiral; 1864 Daniel Stow, founder of Glasgow Normal College for training of teachers, pioneer of co-education; 1893 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, composer; 1997 Sir Isaiah Berlin, philosopher.