On this day: Eleven die in Remembrance Day bombing

On this day in 1987 a bombing at the war memorial at Enniskillen in Northern Ireland claimed 11 victims. Picture: PA
On this day in 1987 a bombing at the war memorial at Enniskillen in Northern Ireland claimed 11 victims. Picture: PA
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Events, birthdays and anniversaries for 8 November

1519: Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes reached Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City.

1736: The first regular public theatre in Scotland opened in Carrubber’s Close, Edinburgh.

1793: Louvre Museum in Paris opened to public.

1895: Wilhelm Roentgen discovered electromagnetic rays which he called X-rays.

1911: Arthur Balfour resigned as Conservative Party leader.

1917: Vladimir Illyich Lenin became chief commissar in Russia and Leon Trotsky premier.

1923: Adolf Hitler made attempted putsch in Munich.

1931: Halogen discovered by Frederick Allison.

1932: Franklin Delano Roosevelt won United States presidency with promise of a “New Deal”.

1942: British and US troops landed in north-west Africa under Eisenhower’s command in Operation Torch.

1950: First battle between jet planes as US fighters were attacked by North Korean MIGs near Yalu River.

1959: United Arab Republic and Sudan signed agreement on sharing Nile waters after construction of Aswan Dam.

1966: Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California.

1973: “Cod war” between Britain and Iceland ended.

1987: Eleven die in Remembrance Day bombing at the war memorial at Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

1989: Troops took over ambulance duties in London amid industrial action by 999 crews.

1990: President George Bush ordered 200,000 more American troops to Iraq.

1991: Yugoslav army warned Croatia that it had missiles pointed at targets in that republic.

1993: The Princess of Wales won a High Court injunction barring the Daily Mirror from publishing more pictures of her in a gym.

2001: Henry McLeish resigned as Scotland’s First Minister after failing to declare £36,000 rental income for sub-letting a constituency office.

2002: The UN Security Council approved a resolution on Iraq, forcing Saddam Hussein to disarm or face “serious consequences”.

2004: More than 10,000 US troops and a small number of Iraqi army units lay siege to insurgent stronghold in Fallujah, Iraq.

2010: Coronation Street legend Jack Duckworth, played by Bill Tarmey, bowed out of the soap.


Gordon Ramsay, chef and broadcaster, 48; Roy Wood, musician (Wizard, The Move, ELO), 68; Rupert Allason, spy writer (as Nigel West) and MP 1987-97, 63; Jane Danson, actress, 36; Liz Dawn MBE, actress (Coronation Street), 75; Ken Dodd OBE, comedian and singer, 87; Nerys Hughes actress, 73; David Jessel, British television journalist, 70; Martin Peters MBE, footballer, 71; Bonnie Raitt, singer and guitarist, 65; Tara Reid, actress, 39; Jack Osbourne, TV presenter, 29; Leif Garrett, singer and actor, 53; Alain Delon, actor and businessman, 79; Gretchen Mol, actress, 42; Joe Cole, footballer, 33.


Births: 30AD Nerva, Roman emperor; 1431 Vlad III (“Vlad the Impaler”); 1847 Bram Stoker, creator of Count Dracula; 1891 Neil Gunn, novelist; 1900 Margaret Mitchell, American author of Gone With the Wind; 1922 Professor Christiaan Barnard, heart transplant pioneer; 1947 Minnie Riperton, singer-songwriter.

Deaths: 955AD Pope Agapetus II; 1308 John Duns Scotus, Berwickshire-born philosopher; 1978 Norman Rockwell, artist;1998 Rumer Godden, novelist; 1999 Lester Bowie, jazz trumpeter and composer; 2003 Bob Grant, comedy actor.