On this day: Deadly train crash at Clapham Junction

On this day in 1988 36 people died when one train ploughed into the back of another at London's Clapham Junction. Picture: PA
On this day in 1988 36 people died when one train ploughed into the back of another at London's Clapham Junction. Picture: PA
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Events, birthdays and anniversaries for 12 December

National day of Kenya.

1642: Dutch navigator Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand.

1890: First electric underground train in the world opened in London.

1894: Japanese troops invaded Korea.

1901: The first transatlantic wireless message was sent from Cornwall, 1,800 miles to St John’s, Newfoundland, where it was received by Marconi. It was the letter “s”.

1911: King George V was crowned Emperor of India and founded New Delhi to replace Calcutta as the Indian capital.

1915: The German Junkers J1, the first all-metal aeroplane, was test flown at Dessau.

1917: A train carrying French troops home from Italy crashed at Modane, France, after a brake failure. The death toll was reported to be 543 — the world’s worst railway accident to that date.

1920: Martial law was declared in Cork, Ireland.

1941: Soviet forces launched their first major counter-attack against the German invasion.

1948: Conscription was introduced in Britain for men aged between 18 and 26.

1955: The hovercraft, or air cushion vehicle, was patented in Britain by Christopher Cockerell.

1963: Kenya attained independence, with Jomo Kenyatta as first prime minister.

1969: Greece, under fire on charges of violating human rights, withdrew from Council of Europe.

1977: Women were elected to Jockey Club for first time.

1982: Mass protest at Greenham Common by 20,000 women at the deployment of American nuclear cruise missiles in Berkshire. The women clasped hands to encircle the airbase.

1988: A train crash at Clapham Junction killed 36 people and injured 113.

1996: Thomas “TC” Campbell was freed pending an appeal after serving 12 years of a life sentence for murder of six members of a family in Glasgow ice-cream wars.

2000: The United States Supreme Court released its decision in Bush versus Gore, which would lead to the former becoming US president.

2007: Al-Qaeda car bombers killed 67 people in two explosions in Algiers, destroying United Nations offices and targeting a bus full of students.


Jennifer Connelly, actress, 44; Tracy Austin, tennis player and commentator, 52; Lionel Blair, dancer, entertainer, 83; Jasper Conran OBE, fashion designer, 55; Kenneth Cranham, Dunfermline-born actor, 70; Jim Davidson OBE, comedian, 61; Craig Moore, footballer, 39; David Elsworth, racehorse trainer, 75; Emerson Fittipaldi, motor racing driver, 68; Connie Francis, singer, 76; Bill Nighy, actor, 65; Brough Scott MBE, racing presenter, 72; Dionne Warwick, singer, 74; Victor Moses, footballer, 24; Sarah Douglas, actress, 62; Steven Hawley, astronaut, 63; Mayim Bialik, actress and neuroscientist, 39; Kate Humble, TV presenter, 46; Clive Bunker, drummer (Jethro Tull), 68; Peter Sarstedt, singer, 72.


Births: 1821 Gustave Flaubert, novelist; 1863 Edvard Munch, Norwegian artist; 1881 Harry Warner, president and co-founder of Warner Bros studios; 1893 Edward G Robinson, actor; 1900 Sammy Davis snr, entertainer; 1915 Frank Sinatra, singer and actor.

Deaths: 1889 Robert Browning, poet; 1985 Ian Stewart, Pittenweem-born pianist, founder member of the Rolling Stones.