On this day: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament first protest march

1958: The first protest march by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament left London for Aldermaston. Picture: Getty
1958: The first protest march by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament left London for Aldermaston. Picture: Getty
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Events, birthdays and anniversaries on 4 April

National Day of Hungary.

1618: Cardinal Richelieu was ordered into exile in Avignon for intrigues with France’s Queen Mother Marie de Medici.

1660: King Charles II issued Declaration of Breda, promising religious tolerance.

1844: Germany occupied South-West Africa, Togoland and Cameroons.

1904: Britain and France signed the Entente Cordiale, a mutual recognition of each other’s colonial interests.

1905: An earthquake in Lahore, India, killed 10,000.

1912: Chinese republic was proclaimed in Tibet.

1918: Second Battle of the Somme ended.

1919: Soviet republic was established in Bavaria.

1924: BBC broadcast the first radio programmes for schools.

1932: Scientists at Pittsburgh isolated vitamin C.

1933: United States navy helium-filled dirigible Akron fell into Atlantic off New Jersey in storm, with the loss of 73 lives.

1934: The first cat’s eye road studs – the invention of Percy Shaw – were installed near Bradford.

1942: Japanese naval forces sank three British warships in Bay of Bengal.

1949: The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was created by United States, Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Canada.

1958: The first protest march by Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament left Hyde Park Corner, London, for Aldermaston.

1959: Ivory Coast signed series of agreements with Niger, Upper Volta and Dahomey to form Sahel-Benin Union.

1964: Archbishop Makarios abrogated 1960 treaty among Greece, Turkey and Cyprus, and heavy fighting erupted in northwest Cyprus.

1969: Doctors in Houston hospital, Texas, implanted first complete artificial heart in 47-year-old man, who died four days later.

1981: Brixton riots erupted between young blacks and police in south London. Arrests totalled 213 and injured 210.

1981: Bob Champion won the Grand National on Aldaniti.

1988: The soap opera Crossroads ended on television, after 4,510 episodes, the first having been shown in December, 1964.

1990: Doctor Raymond Crockett was struck off the medical register for selling kidneys for transplant operations.

1991: Nine Orkney children taken into care on 27 February amid allegations of child sex abuse, were returned to their families after ruling by Sheriff David Kelbie in Inverness.

1991: Iran’s official news agency said over one million Kurds were massed along the Iran-Iraq border trying to escape Iraqi troops who were reportedly killing them as they fled.

1995: Keith Schellenberg, former owner of Eigg, left the island under police protection after selling it to German artist Marlin Eckhard Maruma.

2008: In a raid on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ YFZ Ranch in Texas, 401 children and 133 women were taken into custody.