Nicola Sturgeon shows her true colours yet again – Jackson Carlaw

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As Scots head back to work, full of new year’s resolutions and thoughts of change, the First Minister showed, yet again, how out of step she is with modern Scotland.

First thing this morning, as regular as clockwork, there she was on the radio talking about independence.

Nicola Sturgeon wants to stamp out universal credit

Nicola Sturgeon wants to stamp out universal credit

While everyone else is looking to the future, Nicola Sturgeon is stuck in the past.

As at the start of 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015, the First Minister’s only priority is to rerun the referendum of 2014.

As we listened to the same old rehearsed lines of how Brexit strengthens the case for independence, people all across the country sighed and thought: “There she goes again.”

The fact is, we have heard this all before.

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Rather than engage constructively with the Brexit process, the SNP’s strategy has, at all times, been to use Brexit as a lever to independence.

Through the presentation of their own, unnecessary, EU Continuity Bill, to the refusal to consider the UK Agriculture Bill, something Scotland’s own farmers have supported, the SNP has constantly put politics before the Scottish people.

Scotland needs a Government that puts the country first, not hijacks every opportunity to talk IndyRef2.

Indeed, the SNP should be focusing their energies on the health service, with cancer waiting lists at their longest ever; education, with teachers threatening to strike due to workload and poor pay; and the terrible state of our roads, which cause millions of pounds of damage to vehicles each year.

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Since the morning after the referendum, Nicola Sturgeon has shown that she is not the person to do that.

Again, this morning, she showed that she only has one objective, independence.

The best new year’s resolution the SNP could make would be to drop the independence obsession and concentrate on delivering for the people of Scotland.

Sadly, Sturgeon’s agenda is and always will be the stuck record of independence.