Michael Kelly: claims on Labour meltdown in Glasgow not ringing true

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DELIGHTED that in one of the first Glasgow results announced, my local candidate Hanif Rajah has been elected for Labour after two decades of trying. He was the only candidate Labour put up in this ward where three seats were up for grabs for fear the vagaries of this evil PR system would deprive them of even one seat.

The confident SNP put up two. But they were thwarted in their bid to gain the second seat. So their usually acute political antennae failed them as the Tory hung on for the third available seat. That despite my refusal to give him my second preference vote which Labour reckoned would be the best way to deprive the SNP of the second seat. I just couldn’t bring myself to vote Tory. But maybe many people did make him their second choice.

The results from other parts of the Southside are good. Gail Sheridan failing to win confirms that the voters are not as gullible as some on the extreme left like to believe. They have resisted her husband’s wild claims on the radio this morning that labour is in meltdown in the city. Many of the seats that Labour have won are where old candidates were deselected among huge local outrage. Haven’t seen one of those who resigned the Labour whip in protest winning as an independent or ‘Glasgow First’ candidate. Far too many politicians think they carry enormous personal votes when in fact it is the party label that counts.

Relief that the SNP will not sweep the city is building into confidence that Labour will retain overall control. But a few results needed yet before that confidence is built on a foundation firmer than natural optimism.