Market forces can be a force for good – leader comment

The Premier Inn at Edinburgh Park (Picture: Ian Rutherford)
The Premier Inn at Edinburgh Park (Picture: Ian Rutherford)
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Market forces can be almost unstoppable, as their role in the fall of the Berlin Wall and communism in the heady days of 1991 demonstrated.

The trick is to harness that power to get where you want, or need, to go. The news that a Scottish hotel has become the first in the UK to run on battery power could be the latest sign that we are heading ever more quickly towards a zero-carbon economy.

One problem with renewable energy sources like wind and solar is the power can come on stream when you don’t need it and die down when you do, but a solution to that dilemma is emerging in the shape of increasingly powerful batteries like the one installed at the Gyle Premier Inn at Edinburgh Park.

The 200-room hotel expects to save £20,000 a year by buying electricity during off-peak periods for use later in the day.

The hotel will even be able to buy electricity when its cheap, then sell it back to the National Grid when prices are high.

With figures like that, where the Gyle Premier Inn leads other companies are likely to follow.