Lynn O’Rourke: ‘Ideas of a perfect tree will have to be shelved’

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WE DRAGGED the Christmas decorations out earlier than usual this year, but made the mistake of letting our daughters decorate the little pink (of course) trees they have in their bedrooms.

The mistake being that they nabbed all the nice stuff first and our attempts to decorate the big tree found us left with the lovingly home-crafted decorations they have made in years gone by and subsequently rejected in 
favour of shop-bought fare.

Any idea of a twinkling, perfectly 
decorated Christmas tree with beautifully wrapped presents below – all in matching 
paper – will have to be shelved for another year. I did manage to avoid the purple and black baubles discovered in the bottom of one bag (I do not remember that particular decorating theme, which is perhaps a blessing), and do at least have my nice white baubles serenely hung. However, they have been joined by the home-made stuff my daughters still want to see, just not on their own trees, 
including a one-legged cardboard fairy, dozens of salt dough decorations, most of a crepe paper and cardboard cracker, a Star Wars figure and a small plastic footballer (the latter two I am putting down to my husband and his festive sense of ‘humour’). It can only be described as an interesting mix. However, it is up, it is festive and hopefully it will last beyond Christmas Eve.

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The next issue of atHome will appear with the 6 January issue of Scotland on Sunday. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – regardless of the state of your tree.