Youth vote ‘will shape 
future of 

Old enough to pay tax – old 
enough to vote. Simple as that.

- Dumbarton Celt

More desperate measures
from a government failing to 
get its messages across.

- The Diplomat

So we’ll give 16 and 17-
year-olds a vote simply on the basis of residency, but deny those who have been forced to work elsewhere in the UK, even though they were born and raised here?


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- Derryboy

There has never been a
better generation of young 
people in Scotland – they are better educated and more aware. It is no coincidence that the creative and educated people 
in Scotland are in favour of

- Fittiebeach

These are the actions of a
desperate SNP, knowing full well that its only chance of convincing more people to vote for separation is to target the most vulnerable and impressionable.


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- Aberdeen

Three local high schools in
my area showed No votes in mock referendums.

- Clueless Davie

I can picture it now – 
Braveheart being broadcast in schools and colleges the day 
before the referendum.


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- Toastrack

There are plenty of people
aged over 18 who don’t have the brains to be trusted to vote on Scotland’s future. The idea of including 16 and 17-year-olds is totally ludicrous.

- Alternative (High 
Octane) Fuel Head

Children aged 16 who are
marrying and having children are likely to be feral and 
educated to a very low standard.


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- Naechance

I’m 48 years old. When am I
getting a vote on the EU?

- Edinburgh100