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It's all about laying the foundations today. Teenage thugs face the army, developers circle, and water damage

Young offenders are being sent to army "boot camps" under new plans to put them back on the straight and narrow. There were yay-sayers and nay-sayers.

I think it's a great idea. Finally something pro-active being done with these kids. The one problem I have with it is that these troublemakers actually had a choice.

Diana, Edinburgh

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Another waste of public money, squandered on no-hopers – the SNP should hang their head in shame. Bring back proper punishments and let's see these kids suffer as repayment for their criminality.

ILoveTheTrams, Leith

It's hardly a quick fix. No-one is suggesting that the kids come out of the end of this as model citizens, but it's surely a proactive step in the right direction?


What a waste of time and money, the services don't want them and the kids know nothing can be done to them. It's just a laugh.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa, edinburgh

By no means are these courses soft options. They are getting screamed at and are pushed to their physical limits whilst learning about respect and discipline. I think this is far more productive than wasting away their days in a correctional institute coming out with more bad habits than they went in with. They actually listen to someone for a change too!

mbob, Midlothian

Still on the subject of building for the future, developers are circling around the Capital.

One thing Edinburgh doesn't need is more hotels and office space. There are offices vacant the length and breadth of the place and it seems like every other building in the city centre is a hotel. We need a good city centre exhibition space and some thought given to improving the Gorgie/Dalry area. Maybe the cemetery should be redeveloped. Don't think any of the present residents would complain.

Unimpressed one

Before they start handing out even more licences to build, maybe the council should insist that existing schemes be completed and fully sold, otherwise there will be an even greater impact of the 'housing market'. Just count up the number of half finished, vacant and abandoned schemes littering up the city, along with promises of dosh to fund trams.

Mallory, Edinburgh

Developers like bankers are only interested in lining their own pockets, if the development happens to benefit the city that is just good luck.


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The construction industry is knackered, especially house building. Nobody in their right mind would buy a new property today as prices are plummeting, despite the hype.

wild wadi, East Dunbartonshire

Joppa residents fear for their gardens after the sea wall collapsed in storms.

This is what happens when you buy property next to the sea. If they don't want this, they should have bought elsewhere. I have no sympathy at all.

ILoveTheTrams, Leith

I have lived on Portobello Promenade since 1965 and this is one of the worst storms I have witnessed. One thing I am impressed with is the speed at which the council has responded to clearing up afterwards.

Doctor who?, King's Road