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Lothian Buses not running on time, St Margaret's school fraudsters and falling crime figures get you all talking

Lothian Buses is facing an official probe into why services are not running on time, which could result in the firm being fined. It says the pesky trams are to blame.

"The major problem is excessive time LRT buses spend stationary at bus stops letting passengers alight/board via single doors" - Imagine that, a bus having to let passengers on and off.

thehitmaster, Penicuik

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Ah, so that's the problem. That and those chatty 22 drivers.

The 22 drivers all sitting at Ocean Terminal having a chat and then leaving at the same time doesn't help either. Buses are supposed to leave every 5 minutes, not 2 every 10 minutes or worse 3 every 15.

James Collins

But seriously.

I think the buses are doing tremendous job in the face of appalling road works and delays. To expect them to be able to stick to a timetable displays a serious lack of understanding of how bad the situation is.

Scottish Golf History, Edinburgh

What I don't understand is they have loads of no. 22 buses running around yet the 31 bus we all had to wait 45 mins for one friday just after 6pm. I phoned and was told that there were no 31 taken off, so where do they go???????


Answers on a postcard please.

Totally agree. 31 buses are truly awful.

Rob2512, still waiting on Shandwick Place for a 31!

So drink your way through it.

The last time I was on a bus was the 17th December 2009. I was drunk, so don't remember what the service was like. Hope this helps.

digestive biscuits V

It certainly does. But it doesn't help St Margaret's. The fundraising campaign to try to save the private school has been hit by an online scam. Fraudsters set up a bogus bank account and e-mail address to try to trick parents into donating money. You didn't have much sympathy.

Poor souls, their children will have to go to an ordinary school now. My heart bleeds purple custard.

Linmal, Livingston

I can't wait to donate. do we have a date for the liquidation sale yet?


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Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. St Margaret's is now officially the Kenny Richey of 2010.

Duncan in Edinburgh

Oh my giddy aunt indeed. Despite the St Margaret's fraudsters, we had a story about Edinburgh crime falling by 10 per cent as the police get proactive.

It is day time figures, because believe me its a different story at night, just try getting a polis man.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

"it's proving particularly difficult" to stop bike thefts in Newington/Southside-because of the student population....because they're stealing them or are having them stolen?

Leamington Lift Bridge, Lower Gilmore Pl

The police would do well to learn from the traffic wardens. Get out and about pounding the beat on foot and not spending their time sleeping in squad cars. And what's with the 'parade' of the two or three horseback police bods strolling through stockbridge seemingly every Saturday holding up all the traffic and achieving b**ger all else. Get out my way!

Drunken Master