Wind farms

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The wind farm industry repeatedly assured the public that wind turbines would dramatically reduce CO2, reduce energy costs to consumers and create thousands of permanent well-paid jobs.

Well, energy costs have gone up due to wind turbine subsidies, the permanent well-paid jobs have never materialised and now the claimed CO2 savings are being questioned.

A public enquiry is being held into a proposed 39-turbine development at Strathy South.

The charity RSPB Scotland vigorously opposed this development because of the harm it would cause to the peatland habitat and the birds it supports.

The charity commissioned an independent review of the carbon impact which found that the emissions involved in building and transporting the turbines could outweigh any benefits.

The public enquiry was told that it will take between 16 and 24.8 years to “pay back” the carbon impact of its construction.

The developers SSE had said four and a half years.

It is criminal that Scotland, which only has 0.15 per cent of global emissions, has allowed the politicians (SNP) to ride roughshod over the public’s objections and destroyed our natural heritage, especially when most other countries are increasing their use of coal and their emissions.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road