Why should Scotland associate itself with the corrupt London establishment?

I am appalled with the constant political wrangling, including a dishonest Tory government intent on yet another military foray into the Middle East, along with continuing British establishment cover-ups all badly reported by the BBC.

The disillusioned, so-called diplomatic peace envoy Tony Blair chastising his Labour party for actually regaining socialist principles, is more than sad. His intemperate language calling for some of his senior Labour colleagues, who spoke from the heart, “to get a transplant”, others who were “morons” and wading into Scottish politics, describing the SNP as a “reactionary political force”, behaving like “cave men” is just ludicrous. Such arrogance has left his party in the political wilderness in Scotland and indeed in England.

The Labour heavyweight, Lord Prescott, called such language “totally unacceptable” and maintained it was Blair’s invasion of Iraq that undermined support for the party. With the SNP first in Scotland and overwhelmingly third in the UK, Prescott went on to criticise the Labour party for not wholeheartedly opposing the Tory welfare bill, thus leaving the SNP the only effective opposition in the UK parliament. This was echoed by the young SNP MP Mhairi Black in her scathing rebuttal of Tony Blair’s remarks.

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This twenty-year-old MP made an electrifying maiden speech which was a viral hit with media organisations all over the world but apparently not with the BBC. In fact on Reporting Scotland Jackie Bird talked over the tiny 20-second clip, then allowed viewers to hear the Deputy Speaker tell SNP MPs not to clap! Sadly it’s time for the once long-respected BBC to be reviewed as it has become a political organ for the Westminster parties who wish to preserve the Union.

Cover-ups and postponements well into 2020, such as the Chilcott report on the illegal Iraq war and the inquiry into known Westminster child sex abuse including MI5 collusion is quite intolerable. It is clear that the full weight of the London establishment is in place to protect the high and mighty of the land.

With hugely expensive and disastrous involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now with the Syria lie brewing, can Scotland really afford to be part of this increasingly corrupt disunited kingdom, still referring to itself as Great Britain?

Grant Frazer

Cruachan, Newtonmore