Where is the evidence that UK is fairer?

I was astonished to read Brian Monteith’s vitriolic piece (Perspective, 21 July).

One point in particular fairly leapt off the page. He states: “Evidence shows that the UK is becoming fairer and is
already fairer than many
developed countries, including some in Scandinavia.”

Where is his evidence for this sweeping statement? I saw none. Perhaps he should ask people who have been subjected to savage benefit cuts and the bedroom tax
farrago whether they feel the UK is becoming fairer.

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I don’t think their answers would be yes.

With regard to people in the north of England feeling marginalised by the prospect of Scottish independence, how many has he spoken to? I have a number of friends in Newcastle who are looking forward to the referendum.

They see it as a first step to giving them more power in the future to free themselves of the Westminster and
London drag on resources.

The type of emotive
language he directs at Alex Salmond, ie “the most
divisive politician in the UK”, should equally be applied to all of the politicians in Westminster – it is certainly the most divisive parliament I have witnessed in six decades.

Mr Monteith should be
careful how he uses phrases such as racial nationalism. That’s exactly the sort of speech that will promote
divisions in Scotland after a fair and law-abiding referendum is held in September.

C Murphy

West Calder

I agree with Brian Monteith. On the Yes side constant
repetition of the mantra “Westminster bad, Holyrood good” sounds like it has come straight out of Animal Farm.

Unfortunately for the Yes side, most realise that the world is not as black and white as this, and that such an argument does them little good.

William Ballantine

Dean Road

Bo’ness, West Lothian

I am afraid I cannot share Brian Monteith’s worry that I might one day have a 
different nationality from any
English pop group which
becomes world famous in the future.

Likewise I do not feel
deprived because Shakespeare wrote his plays while Scotland was still politically 
independent: I can still
relish his work as I can that of the authors of many different nationalities writing in 

We don’t all need to live in the same yellow submarine.

S Beck

Craigleith Drive