When a question of trust should take priority over '˜comventional wisdom

WHEN A married man has an affair, he cheats, lies, betrays trust and breaks a solemn promise.

“Conventional wisdom” seems to be that such a display of dishonesty and selfishness has no bearing on a person’s suitability for high public office. However, a man’s public and family life both demonstrate his value system and character qualities. Why should we trust a political leader who has shown themselves to be untrustworthy?

The family values of some at the heart of the SNP have been exposed. And this same party simultaneously appoints a state official to check that I am properly fulfilling my duties as a father.

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I apologise in advance to my sons’ Named Person for not applying sun screen as specified in government guidelines, but I can promise faithfulness to my wife and total commitment to maintaining the integrity of our family unit. But that’s not on the Named Persons’ check list, of course.

Richard Lucas

Broomyknowe, Colinton, Edinburgh

The SNP’s new drive, the “Summer of Love” push to seduce No voters into changing their minds appears to have hit a brick wall now that Stewart Hosie, (the SNP’s deputy leader no less) who was tasked 
to head the campaign, seems to have become deeply mired in scandal.

It now appears that both Messrs Hosie and fellow MP Angus MacNeil had a relationship with the same woman, which has seen both MPs’ marriages unsurprisingly fail quite publicly.

Mr Hosie was in any case, a particularly strange choice to be at the vanguard of this crusade, being a man who singularly lacks an ounce of charm or conviction in each and every televised interview, in which he consistently, and now very predictably, fails to answer any question put to him with any clarity or credibility.

Now that Ms Sturgeon has refused to underpin Mr Hosie’s position, should Scotland anticipate that the much-lauded summer drive is to be suspended for an indeterminate time, while she trawls her membership for a more trustworthy ambassador, or will she allow it to fail spectacularly under the stewardship of Mr Hosie?

Perhaps this is the “new type of politics” Ms Sturgeon pledged to deliver Scotland.

Mark Ward

Dalmellington Road, Crookston, Glasgow