What’s the point?

Francis Roberts (Letters, 8 
October) states that he did not argue that “non-payment (of the poll tax) was justified”. He goes on to say that in certain cases “the refusal to pay would be morally justified”. I am confused.

Indeed, I am confused by the whole scenario surrounding the Scottish Government’s decision to write off the debt in the first place.

Alex Salmond famously took to the air waves to castigate the leader of Aberdeenshire council Jim Gifford for announcing that he would pursue poll tax debts.

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Gifford was repeatedly told that he would be unable to collect any of the debt as there was already legislation in place to prevent pursuit of debts beyond a 20-year period.

Why on earth, therefore, do we need new legislation at all?

Dr Roberts rightly observes that “political considerations underpin” the Scottish Government’s decision. Precisely.

Mr Salmond himself has clarified that his announcement of a superfluous, unnecessary new law was simply a political point- scoring exercise.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue