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Three makeshift migrant camps in Calais have been evacuated and destroyed by French riot police (your report, 29 May).

The majority of the people there are Afghans trying to make their way to Britain and its far too generous welfare system.

Alex Salmond has now ended months of silence over his immigration proposals if he wins the independence referendum and said he would open Scotland’s borders to 500 immigrants every week.

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Would these Afghans qualify? Would the Romanians illegally squatting in Park Lane in London be relocated to the Meadows in Edinburgh?

In order to contribute to Scotland’s economy immigrants would have to have a job to come to and earn over £30,000, not claim any welfare benefits, have no more than two children, be able to buy a house and thus not put pressure on social housing, have private health insurance and have no criminal record.

I am certain that our 
unemployed would welcome these conditions.

Still want to vote Yes?

Clark Cross

Springfield Road


Alex Salmond can start right now to revitalise the Scottish economy, and demonstrate his commitment to fairness, by welcoming to our land the tens of thousands of desperate non-EU migrants continuously arriving in Europe and its North African enclaves.

This would simultaneously 
be a truly humanitarian action, and help to meet our future public expenditure needs, increased immigration year-on-year being one of the ways he proposes to keep us prosperous for the future.

Joe Darby