War for industry

So we are to surmise previous attorney general Lord Goldsmith found UN resolution 1441 for the invasion of Iraq open to interpretation (your report, 28 January). Granted, it was difficult to see the absolute meaning of the resolution, created with so many inputs reflecting the interests of so many nations.

We have to presume Lord Goldsmith had a full discussion with the UN, and either it could not clarify matters or his interpretation was not changed.

However, we may not be surprised that after a couple of visits to the United States all became clear and that the mandate to go to war legally was set between the US and UK. After all, the US is the UN's majority funder and power play-maker, and some country had to support it – big industry in the US had business to be done.

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There's no doubting Saddam Hussein was a heinous criminal and might well, or should, have been stopped by Bush's father ten years earlier, but is the world now a safer place? And how much was made in the global financial markets based on the performance of US big industry?


Michael McParland Drive