Voting to be rid of Tories a big mistake

If anyone required further evidence that the independence movement is based
primarily upon unthinking and mean-spirited resentment, that evidence is provided by the headline, “Scots 
are driven to vote Yes by Tory success” (your report, 21 April).

After three successive
Labour governments of profligate overspending and
financial chaos, the current Westminster government has created the fastest growing economy in the Western world, jobs growth, low
inflation and increasing real wages. Well, we don’t want any of that Conservative
nonsense here, do we?

Graham M McLeod

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As a (disenfranchised)
exiled Scot I find it alarming that many referendum voters
appear to link independence to their hatred of the Tories.

When will the penny drop that they will be voting not for themselves and their
current concerns with good, bad or ugly governments that come and go, but for their children and grandchildren? There are no guarantees that “good” SNP governments will forever rule in Edinburgh or that there will always be a friendly neighbour to the south.

Rodney Pinder

Stradella Road 


Perhaps it is time for 
Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to change her use 
of the term “democratic 
deficit”, which she uses to identify the shortage of
Conservative MPs in Scotland at present. The more concerning deficit, with regard to the SNP, is that two-thirds of Scots did not vote for them – and that was before the separation “rabbit” was pulled out of the hat, after the 2011 election.

Scare tactics about the
political choices of voters in the rest of the UK really look cheap when you remember that it is the permanent break-up of the Union that is the only prize that will satisfy the SNP.

The fact that they are
dangling the “dread” of a Tory majority at Westminster in 2015 in front of Scottish 
voters is an insult to our intelligence.

The achievements of Scots and Scotland, our continuing confidence in our country and its people through the ups and downs of world
history are all the proof that is
needed that our part in the United Kingdom has worked to our advantage and also to the benefit of the rest of

Alison Fullarton