Vote for trams

IN RESPONSE to Howard Lewis’s moan about the trams (Letters, 23 April), may I be among the first to register with the reader’s poll he seeks?

Having moved to central Edinburgh from Ayrshire a couple of years ago I have been “living with” the trams on a daily basis for some time, and now that they are actually on the streets I have almost forgotten all the inconvenience of closed roads and diverted traffic.

They are a wonderful addition to the city’s streets, and really give Edinburgh the air of a modern ­European city.

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I was also lucky enough to be part of the trial run from Murrayfield last month, and I am happy to confirm they are just as attractive inside as out, and the part of route from the airport to Murrayfield I travelled proved to me how well-planned the stops were. I would also say that much as I love Edinburgh’s buses, the trams are much smoother running and better suited to the elderly/disabled, which is somewhat ironic since most of the anti-tram brigade are of the older generation.

I can’t wait now for the full opening to ride the entire route, and I don’t doubt they are the future of public transport in the city. Count me as a tram enthusiast!

Ken Gibb

Abercromby Place