Usher vandalism

Like many other ordinary citizens, I am saddened to see the architectural vandalism of yet another of Edinburgh's iconic buildings (your report, 11 January). I have observed the construction of the current extension to the Usher Hall and awaited with interest and trepidation the final unveiling. My disappointment is profound. To recall the famous quote of Prince Charles, "like a carbuncle on an old friend".

As a laymen in these matters, I find it difficult to understand the fuss and hot air created when it is necessary to cut a passage through some old tenement buildings in the Canongate, when, in contrast and almost without a murmur, we find an A-listed building such as the Usher Hall defaced with a glass wraparound extension totally out of character and proportion with the setting.

Where are the voices of the bodies that are supposed to protect our built environment here – or is this actually what they want to see?


Drumbrae Place