Union bribes are an insulting ploy

AS A disenfranchised Scot, born and brought up in Glasgow but resident in London, I have refrained from joining the referendum debate. The events of the last few days prompt me to abandon my silence.

At the first, and slightest, whiff of a Yes victory the Westminster politicians have scurried back to their toy cupboard to see what goodies they might be able to put on offer to stave off defeat. This is too little too late. They should have been put on the table months ago.

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Indeed, Salmond offered Darling the opportunity to name three positive benefits from voting No during the second televised debate. He didn’t mention ­devo-max. There is now no point in Scots voting No on the basis of a vague promise offering further discussions on hastily drawn up proposals when these will be achieved anyway by voting Yes.

This is the Scottish electorate of 2014, not the corrupt Scots parliament of 1707. It will not be bribed into supporting the Union by this sort of shoddy, demeaning and insulting ploy.

Dugald M MacInnes, London