Ukip in No camp

IT IS regrettably not surprising that former Labour councillor and leader of East Lothian Council, Norman Murray (Letters, 28 May), should attempt to divert attention away from the dilemma facing his party and instead seek to attack the SNP on a “myth” that the Scots are in some way “better” than other people who inhabit our islands.

Simply wishing to make one’s own decisions is not a measure of “arrogance” but does suggest self-confidence, a trait most sensible people consider desirable.

The question Mr Murray should have addressed, especially as he has pointed out that “28 per cent of those who voted in the European election in Scotland voted for right-wing parties”, is: does he believe that Scotland is “Better Together” with Ukip?

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Clearly Ukip is going to have a significant influence on British politics in the coming months, and perhaps years, so this is a question he and his party now need to openly contemplate.

While the slogan “Better Together with Ukip” has a certain ring to it, and may appeal to many of the 28 per cent referenced, I’m not sure it chimes with the views of most Labour supporters, which is a dilemma for Alistair Darling and others proposing to vote No in the forthcoming Scottish referendum.

Stan Grodynski

Longniddry, East Lothian