Typical Labour

Michael Kelly's typical Labour-style arrogance (Opinion, 20 April) is as depressing as it is infuriating. It is this type of out-of-touch elitist opinion that tempts people to abstain from the voting all together.

Firstly, people find it objectionable for their vote to be called a "protest vote" just because they've registered it for a party other than his. Secondly, how dare he accuse Annabel Goldie of leading her team to "sit on their hands" when the Labour Party leadership at Holyrood did exactly that and stopped Scotland leading the way on legislation to start tackling the costly alcohol problems facing society.

I'm afraid Mr Kelly, like Labour, is so out of touch that the only result at Westminster which will move the UK forward is a balanced parliament. At least that way we can move towards more consensus and more representative politics.


Old Lanark Road